Making your home safe for pets

We all love pets for various reasons. Some admit to keeping pets for fun while the large majority just cannot keep these little friends out of sight, so the pets are like family. But, is your home pet proof? Is your home safe enough to keep pets? Just as we love a home that is clean, safe and secure for us, remember that even pets do! To give you just but a few points, below are ways of making your home safe for pets.

How to make your home safer for pets

Make sure all health hazards are kept out of sight


Anything that can endanger the life of your pets should be kept out of sight completely. Things like chemicals, pills, medications, cleaning products, pesticides, fertilizers and other toxic stuff should be kept safe and locked and accessed only by you. Keep in mind that pets can be cunning and curious so anything placed on shelves, table tops or above the cupboards can easily be reachable to your pets. Make sure all these things are locked and out of sight and reach.

Arrange and pet-proof every corner of your home

Arrange your living room, kitchen, bathroom, garage and other areas within the house that are accessible to your pet. Make sure anything that can chock your pet like tiny toys/substances or strangle your pet like loose wires or even electrocute your pet are kept out of reach or sealed altogether. Even toilets left open can drown your pet so make sure lids to toilets, washing machines and other dangerous items are shut at all times. Pets can be jumpy and curious and can go about biting, playing or even chewing anything that is left lying around the house. So make sure that everything you feel could be hazardous to your pet is kept out of sight at all times. This can be done by making sure your home is always tidy, well organized and clean at all times.

Get rid of poisonous plants and litter

All pets require a level of supervision depending on how active and playful they are. However, we cannot always keep an eye on our pets the whole day and a minute of distraction even to pick a call could be fatal for your pet. So, making sure poisonous plants and any food that could be harmless to us but toxic to pets like chocolate and coffee grinds should be kept out of your pet’s reach at all times. Ensuring that there is nothing poisonous lying around at all times will give you a piece of mind even when you are not close to your pet.

Keep your outdoor safe for your pet

Playtime in the backyard can be fun but could change hazardous if proper care is not taken to make sure that your pet is safe within the compound. Things, like not fencing your compound, not cleaning your compound or not keeping proper measures, for instance, making a little house/kennel for your pet, could make you lose it. Pets get lost in the neighborhood or get sick because of ingesting something harmful in your backyard. So, keep your yard clean and safe at all times to avoid such cases from happening.

Keeping a pet is one thing but making sure that your pet is safe is always a different thing. Anyone can own a pet but can you keep yours long enough to enjoy the joy of having a pet? With the tips above, we are sure you can! So take measures before you own one.